East Vs. West Gossip Girl or Beverly Hills 90210?
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Well, we are three weeks into the hot new Fall season of prime time drama, and this year’s networks are bringing us a lot of heat in the evening hours. The two most talked about shows of the season thus far are of course last year’s ‘Gossip Girl’ and the remake of last centuries ‘Beverly Hills: 90210’. That these two shows are launched by the same network is no coincidence, and I think the CW is trying to see which fares better with their target demographic.
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Yep, we love to see the pretty people backstabbing and scratching each other’s eyes out, and we love it even more when the pretty people have oodles of money to do it with. And both of these shows offer all of that, pretty teens with too much money and a lot of dirt and scandal to use against each other when *oops* said knife should get in the way of one’s back. But. The question remains, is one going to make a bigger hit than the other? Both of them offer many of the same features, good girl, not so good girl, money money money, pretty clothes, sizzling romance, and yes let’s not forget the sex, lies, and scandal.

90210 even has a blog that is much discussed in every episode. Though we have yet to see sex appear on the revisited 90210 (but you know it’s coming) and that may be due to the fact that the main characters are down home squeaky clean folks from Kansas. But one can’t help but feel three episodes into the season that one show is still lacking from the other. It hasn’t quite reached the point that we will forego watching one over the other, as still, they are quite talked about and one needs to stay in the loop. However, 90210 does not seem to have the sizzle it once did. Particularly when you compare it to Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl is nothing but hot and keeps you on your toes the entire episode. Whether you are waiting to see Serena’s latest Botkier bag, or to see what secrets she’s hiding IN said bag, you’re still kept on the edge of your seat. The 90210 cast on the other hand thus far represents not much more than a bunch of far too emaciated teenagers lining up for a 2006 H & M campaign. One would expect far more fashion labels and names being dropped (and worn) in the Hills of Beverly, and we just aren’t seeing much of that.

Not to mention the fact that well, the folks on 90210 are just a little too nice, aren’t they? Even the mean girl has feelings that get hurt once in a while, and well, you’ll probably see Blair go ice skating in hell before she cries over a boy. Sort of, but she will brush it off much quicker than Naomi seems to. As for the cast itself, it seems that Blake Lively and Leighton Meister hit the It Girls list literally overnight last year, and this year well, Shenae Grimes is trying REALLY hard but not quite there *yet*, and only looking like a mousy comparison.

So, what is to become of these two shows? Will one win against the other? Pitting cool California chicks against edgy Upper East Siders is a risky gamble, but who says either needs to lose? 90210 is still getting its feet wet and may be able to work their kinks out before the end of the season. If not, you may be waiting for yet another go at it in about 10 years.

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i love gossip girl so much!! blair is my favorite and i love serena too!! Why would serena and dan break up????

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