Changing Your Foundation in the Winter Months
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The summer months are gone and with them the chance to keep your skin a golden color is all but lost. Unless you plan on attending the tanning bed, you will need to change up that foundation color. Throughout the summer, you have steadily added a bit of a darker shade to your cosmetic wardrobe. But, once the sun goes behind those summer clouds, the color from your face will fade and you will look like you are putting on a mask if you use the same foundation. There are, however, ways to stop your face from fading.

With each foundation application, add a bit of self tanning lotion to the foundation. This cream will subtly keep the skin on the face a golden color throughout the winter months. There is nothing more striking than a golden brown body with a backdrop of snow.

On the market today are self tanners created for the body and self tanners created for the face. When using a self tanner as an addition to your foundation, you can use the same tanner you would normally use on the body. Many facial tanners are simply the same body self tanning lotions with the addition of a facial moisturizer.

To complete the look, start using a self tanner early in October to keep the skin color you earned during the summer. Self tanners are 100% safe and will never cause skin cancer. The tanning bed is an option, but one that has its risks.

Just because the beaches are closed and the bikinis are hanging in the closet until next year, there is not reason why you should not keep your body looking that beautiful golden color all year round. Adding that self tanner to your foundation is a great way to keep the color of summer, that sun kissed look, all year round.

lovve it im goin 2 actually use this hairstyle and work it out!!!

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