The Fat Belly Diet - What is It?
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Fat Belly Diet

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The Fat Belly Diet is just one of the latest diet crazes to swarm the American public. The basic premise of the diet is that you eat 400 calories meals, four times a day. The key is making sure to include one food from one of the five MUFA food groups with each meal.

MUFA is the short way of saying “mono-saturated fat”. The mono-saturated fats are the better ones to include in your diet versus the saturated and trans fats that are known to cause terrible damage to your heart and other vital organs. These fats will raise your good cholesterol levels, while working at the same time to reduce the level of bad cholesterol in your system.

The diet consists of five different MUFA groups to provide options for your four meals a day. These five different MUFA groups are:

1. Olives
2. Nuts and Seeds
3. Chocolate (yes, it is a diet food in this case!)
4. Avocados
5. Oils

The secret, (also known as the catch, or trick) behind this diet is keeping your four meals within your 400 calorie requirement in order to maintain an intake of 1600 calories each day. This is an essential part of the weight loss philosophy of course, and even though it may sound like you are depriving yourself, you are going to likely feel more satisfied than your meals before you started the Flat Belly Diet with MUFA foods. This is because these foods are healthy and sticks with your body longer, helping you to feel full for longer periods of time. Prepare yourself though, because the recipes will yield smaller portions than you are likely used to. Portion control is a major key to any diet though, so you are really not missing anything there.

The drawback and most likely reason for failure with this diet is the fact that you have to prepare your own food in order to be able to meet the MUFA and caloric requirements. You are limited to a certain amount of recipes and many of them take at least 20 minutes to prepare. This means that the average dieter will not stick to the diet regimen out of sheer lack of time because of the busy lifestyle many Americans lead today.

Another important key to success with this diet is keeping a positive attitude. Because eating the right foods (good fats included), and keeping a positive outlook is necessary for success with any diet you undertake, there is not much that makes this one special.


portion control really is the key, it helped me half the weight alone
very informative

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