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Heading back to school is always an exhilarating and terrifying time. Planning what you are going to wear, how to fix your hair, and choosing the most flattering makeup can take weeks of preparation. If you are returning to school soon there are a few makeup essentials you should definitely have on hand. Keep in mind this isn’t a list of all the makeup you can have, only the essentials. When starting back to school you might not want to spend a lot of time fixing makeup when you could be sleeping. These three items will help you look great with a minimal investment of time and energy.

Tinted Moisturizer
Moisturizing you skin is one of the easiest ways to keep it healthy. Healthy skin doesn’t need a lot of other products on it to make it look great. Even if you think you have oily skin, you should still try to find a moisturizer because without one oily skin can actually produce more oil. A tinted moisturizer is perfect for those early classes because it gives you some color and moisturizes your skin all in one easy step. This saves you time, helps you look your best, and is great for your skin.

Mascara is the second most important thing in your makeup essentials pack. Mascara all by itself can make your eyes pop. With an application of mascara you draw attention to your eyes and away from any problem areas. Another benefit of wearing mascara is that it gives you a more finished look. A few swipes of mascara often look as good as if you spent a much longer time applying full eye makeup. Yet another easy way to look pulled together with minimal fuss.

Lip Gloss
Your final makeup essential is a lightly tinted lip gloss. A regular lip gloss keeps your lips soft and smooth. This is essential for when you do want to wear lip liner and lipstick because smooth lips make application easier and the finished product more attractive. By using a lip gloss that is tinted you are able to brighten up your entire face while still conditioning your lips.
The moisturizer keeps your skin healthy and gives adds a subtle color to your face. The mascara opens up your eyes and the lip gloss brightens your face. With these three makeup essentials you have an easy and attractive back to school look.


My Routine: Hair: Wash and Condition at night, Straighten, and put this Hair Creme on it in the morning. Makeup: Moisturizer, Liquid Foundation, Blush, Nudeish color Eye Shadow, Eyeliner (Maybe), and Lip gloss. Does anyone have any tips for making eyelashes not crumpled and making freckles less noticeable? Thx!
what abouteyeshadow
what about putting on blush on. huh?:) isnt it cool?
and nutral eyeshadow if you want your eyes to look awesome like mine
nicola x3.09-17-2008
could never just out mascara on :-O. really into my make up like :-D
wow cool i do the smae actually :-))

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