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Makeup is a girls best friend. We all know this is true at some point or another for generally every female. Even though many women wear no makeup at all, you can just about bet on the fact that they have tried something. Whether you are a girly girl or a tomboy, here are some makeup tips that you will help you improve or alter your look.

Before applying any makeup, start with clean skin. Applying makeup over makeup or oily skin will clog the pores, creating blemishes and causing damage to the skin; not to mention the fact that it will ruin your flawless appearance.

Never use concealers that have pink or orange undertones in them. Many people never consider this when they make their purchase, but it will actually highlight and draw attention to the imperfection you are trying to conceal.

Use brown mascara if your hair is light blonde or if you are fair skinned. It will look more natural than a black shade. If you need definition added to your lashes you can also use a brown/black shade to help you out and keep you natural looking.

Pale eyeshadows have a tendency to give a washed out appearance, so if you wear one of these, add definition to the eyes with a pencil and/or mascara.

If you want to go without makeup but want a nice finished look, use a light brushing of bronzing powder on your face. This will give you that wonderful glow you seek, while keeping your prep time minimal, and your routine simple.

Apply lipstick with a brush so that you can maximize it and get more applications from the same tube. You will still look great, and you will save some money too.

Wear lip gloss over your lip stick to enhance the color, and give the lips a bit of shine and moisture.

Blend around the jaw line, neckline, and around the eyes for a more natural, even toned look. This will reduce the appearance of makeup lines and imperfections in your skin.

Adjust the tones of your foundations with the seasons, as your skin tone will change a bit. Try blending two shades or topping it off with a light or dark powder, depending on the shade and tint you need.

Remember that your make up should make you look and feel better. If not, you should either ditch it, or change your products and color schemes until you find something you truly enjoy and are ecstatic to be wearing.

thanks. was a bit helpful. i guess. but still - a little more about how actually you can make yourself looking more natureal would be helpful..
that grl in the pic is really pretty i wish my makeup did that but to bad i dont hav someone to airbrush me evry day :)
no help!!!-duh evryone knows this
you relly helped me understand how makeup works
very helpful thank you
helped me
doesnt go in to that many dtails.
common knowledge
I really dont think the 2 girls up here should have wrote anything at all one is gross and the other is mean... the comments are for the articles for one... and if you already knew the stuff just say that other facts that most people dont know should be added
incomplete information
wow this is working!!!!!!!!!!!
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You want makeup to make you look better not worse and this article can help you do that.

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