Top 2 Fad Diets That Really Work
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Fad Diets that Work

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In our world of fad diets, there have been a few that have stood the test of time. Two of these diets are the Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet. Both plans focus on a reduction of carbohydrate intake, but offers very differing views on how low the carbohydrate intake should be. With ether diet, the changes are life long and the weight loss remains even after the dieter stops following th diet for a switch to a more long, term lower calorie alternative.

The Atkins Diet

When choosing the Atkins Diet, the dieter will reduce carbohydrate consumption to 20 carbohydrates a day for the first 2 weeks. During this time the body will switch from a carbohydrate fuel burning mode to a fat fuel burning mode. In the early stages of the Atkins Diet, researchers claimed that the high fat intake allowed on the diet would be detrimental to health, but as time has passed the true results of scientific studies have shown no negative side effects on the body. As a matter of fact, the cholesterol levels are often lower in those following the Atkins Diet than in those following a simple reduced calorie diet.

The South Beach Diet

Yet another lower carbohydrate diet is the South Beach Diet. The South Beach diet reduces carbohydrate intake, but focuses more on the healthier carbohydrates as opposed to all carbohydrates being viewed equally. Just as with the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet adds back additional carbohydrates and carbohydrate rich foods as the plan phases progress. The benefit to choosing the South Beach diet is the frankenfoods that are still available today. There are bars, meals and shakes that are all aimed at keeping a dieter on the plan for the long haul.

Losing weight and weigh loss can be the hardest choices of ones life. When choosing to take a careful look at carbohydrates, these two “fad” diets are the ones that top the list. The plans are hard to follow at first, but the long term effects are clear. Slow weight loss with easy maintenance. That is my kind o weight loss plan.


the south beach diet is amazing! i lost weight from my stomach first and kept my boobs! not typical of a diet at ALL!
Adkins is the Best. i Lost 70lbs. i was 230lbs && went down to 180lbs in almost 9 months.
very true. I did the southbeach diet. It worked wonders. As soon as I was ablet to get through the first stage it was very easy to follow, never felt like I was being deprived of anything.

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