Confidence is Key to Beauty
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Confident Beautiful Woman

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Beauty is a tricky person for an individual to find. Oftentimes, people see other people and think, that is a beautiful person. When they see themselves, they wish to see the traits of that beautiful person on themselves, and are often very hypocritical of themselves and their own personal beauty. Often, people see themselves as ugly and feel that they must do something to change their appearances for the rest of the world to accept them.

So, what makes a person beautiful? For women is it the large eyes and the pout lips? For men is it the thick jaw and deeper eyes? What about for the both of them? Believe it or not, it is the confidence and the self assurance of the individual that makes the beautiful. No, this is not a self help article, this a truth article, and yes, it is the truth that confidence makes a person beautiful.

Confident people tend to stand up strait and tall. Confident people walk with their heads held high and have an air about them that radiates true confidence. This confidence can be felt and most of all, it can be seen. This confidence gives them the ability to laugh at themselves and the world, knowing that they are beautiful, intelligent, and an overall nice individual.

You want proof? Look at the Olson twins. The two girls look almost exactly alike, Mary-Kate and Ashley. Ashley is very confident in herself, where’s her sister, Mary-Kate is not so much. Which one looks better? Well, according to all of the glamour magazines and gossip articles, it is Ashley hands down. What makes her so much more beautiful than her twin sister? Her confidence level is higher which causes her to stand up strait and take better care of herself, making her more beautiful than her twin sister.

What can be learned from these two talented girls? Be confident in yourself and everyone will see you as beautiful. Yes, you may have flaws, but so do many of the world’s hottest women and men. In their eyes, there is something wrong with them too. It is the ability to see past your flaws and see the true you that gives you the confidence to be truly beautiful.


Great article!! Thank you, this is very true and a great reminder- true beauty can be radiated from the inside out!!
wow. nicely said. i feel soooo much better now.
That was a lovely article and i honestly believe its true. Wen im not feeling confident i get none coming on to me. But if i fee good abowt myself there all over me. Be confident girlies, its the way forward!!
me. goshh >_>09-01-2008
i feel the same as mari, it is quite hard to be confident when you see yourself as ugly. T_T
nicely said
this article makes me feel so much serious. but how can u be confident if u see urself as ugly?
ur really preety

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