Shaping the Eyebrow with Ease
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Shaping Eyebrow

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When it comes to precision and beauty, only eyebrows can come to mind. As one of the most private, public places on a woman's face, the care it takes to achieve that perfect brow can be as hard to learn as a foreign language for those who have never dealt with eyebrow grooming. With beauty tips offering this 10 step guide to the perfect eyebrow sculpture and that 5 step program to a sexy brow, the true tip and helpful information soon gets lost amidst glitter and glam. In order to shape the perfect eyebrow, you need only remember 3 easy rules.

Rule 1: Preparation

Before beginning to pluck your eyebrows, your must clean the area thoroughly. Cleaning with a strong astringent will remove all dirt and debris from the skin. If eyebrows are plucked and the skin is dirty, you will have a greater chance of an in grown hair.

Rule 2: Take It Easy

If you are plucking your eyebrows for the first time, take it easy. Pluck only one hair out at a time. Over plucking will leave a thin eyebrow and that is not the look you are trying to achieve. Starting at the tear duct, thin the brow up to the iris line and then back down to the outer edge of the eye.

Rule 3: Line to Define

Using brown makeup to define the shape of the eyebrow is the trick of the celebrities. Surely, there are plucking and waxing mistakes even for the famous, eyebrow pencils and powders add accent and depth to the brow. These are especially important for those with naturally thin eyebrows.

Shaping the eyebrow does not have to be on the level of neuroscience. You can treat your eyebrow care just as you would any other aspect of your facial regime. Take the time to prepare, don't pluck too much and using a liner to define and you will be glamorous in no time at all.

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