Pros and Cons of Permanent Makeup
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Permanent Makeup

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We have all seen those women with the perfect eyebrows. Every time we see them their eyebrows are perfectly placed with that gentle arch we normally only see on the fashion runways. There is a great chance that these women have chosen permanent makeup as a means to achieve those perfect brows.

Permanent makeup is the same as tattooing. The makeup is draw on the face with a tattoo gun and remains in place until the tattoo fades. Some permanent makeup will remain in place indefinitely, depending on the colors used, while others will fade over time and need touch ups to keep that natural look.

Permanent makeup can be placed on the eye lids, eye brow area, lips, cheeks and even under the eyes. While many professional companies solely work with patients who want permanent makeup, a tattoo artist can achieve the same result and often for far less charge than a permanent makeup salon.

The trouble with permanent makeup is simple. Once the makeup is in place, it cannot be changed. If you have your lips tattooed a bright red color when you are 20 that same color with a little less vibrancy will be there when you are 60. Just as with any tattoo process, the ink placed in the skin remains there for the rest of your life.

For women who choose black as the color of choice, over time the black will fade into a gray color with almost a bluish tint and will need to be touched up in order to look like the fresh makeup it once resembled.

Another trouble with permanent makeup is the chance of error. When tattooing on permanent eyebrows, the arch is the most important part. If that arch is too high, the face will be forever frozen in a state of surprise. If the eyebrow is drawn on too large, there is no plucking that will reshape the brow.

These troubles are ones that many women are willing to take to save a few moments in the morning applying makeup. When choosing if permanent makeup is the right choice for you, make sure to take the word “permanent” into consideration. Because once that makeup is applied, there will be no turning back.


this is too funny!!
My grandmother had her eyebrows tattood when she was younger. I found out as you age your face shifts and my poor grandmother had her eyebrow hair growing in one place while her fake brows where far far south from where they were supposed to be.
I definitely agree... I know so many people who have decided to get permanent makeup it is very nice in the beginning but in a few years or even months it starts to dissapear and discolor then you have to use makeup to retouch it and make it look good! So what is the point of permanent if you have to bother with it sooner or later?

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