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Facial Skin Care Tips

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As we age, the skin on our faces is the first to head south. When the times comes to tighten up the facial skin there are two choices. You can choose to either go under the knife and have a surgical face lift, or tighten the skin on your facial naturally over time.

Tightening the skin on the face is a gradual process. While surgical face lifts will inevitably offer a more instant result and a tighter end product, there are very high chances of health risks and complications associated with surgery. Surgical face lifts also tend to slacken over time, while natural methods of tightening the facial skin offer a more real and permanent change.

The key to tightening the facial skin without undergoing a surgical face lift, is through exercise. Yes, I said exercise. Exercising the facial muscles will tighten the muscles of the face, bringing the skin closer to its younger alignment. And, unlike other exercise programs, there is no sweating involved.

Facial exercises are as simple as smiling. In front of the mirror, smile your brightest smile and hold that face for 10 seconds. Rest the face and repeat 10 times. Use this exercise tip three times a day and within weeks you will notice the changes to the tightness of the facial skin. You will never have to worry about building muscles in the face, but you will tighten the muscles that hold the skin in place. The tighter the skin, the younger you will look.

The process of natural facial tightening is safer and more permanent than any surgical face lift. These exercises can begin as early as childhood and remain a part of every day indefinitely. The stronger the muscles of the face remain or become, the tighter the skin of the face will look. Tight skin is synonymous with young skin. Stop thinking about how you will pay for that surgical face lift and starting smiling your way to tighter and younger looking facial skin.

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I am femail age 49. my facial skin are sugging. if i start to do the natural way to tighten my facial skin i can get the improvment?
rabab saifee11-18-2010
tightning facial skin
good advice

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