How to Enhance Natural Lip Color and Beauty
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Enhance lips naturally

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For women who especially love the color of their lips, defining and refining that color as a part of their beauty regime can be as simple as three easy steps.

While may women simply throw on a lip gloss and head out the door, there could never be a choice that is more wrong. Lip gloss wears off quickly leaving lips looking dry and parched. Or, worse yet, lips appear to shine like glass. The true epitome of beauty is all about making changes and enhancements that do not stick out like a mirror on your lips.

The first step to creating the perfect natural lips starts with a lip foundation. Lip foundation are nothing more than thick sticks used to moisturize and prepare the lips for additional products. The most common lip foundation would be Chapstick. Before adding any cosmetic product to the lips, always apply the lip foundation first and smooth in with a finger.

The second step is all about being sheer. Choosing a sheer lipstick color when you are trying to enhance the natural color of the lips is the only choice. Any other color will mask the natural qualities you are trying to enhance. Apply the lipstick to the lips, just as you did with the lip foundation.

The final step is to creating the perfect natural lips is all about removing excess. While some women blot to remove color, the best strategy is the kiss. Kissing removes just enough lipstick to prevent over caking. Where and who you want to kiss are up to you.

Defining given beauty by perfecting that natural lip look, is a true sign of a confident woman. Makeup and cosmetics are meant to enhance the beauty a woman already has. Natural lip beauty is only a few simple steps away.

Instead of chapstick, I prefer to use Bonnebell Lip smackers. Usually chapstick has no effect on me. Neither does Vaseline
thiss was a pretty good article tho i think i will stay to my own steps on getting the color on my lips to look nice
Blistex is the best... chapstick doesnt work 4 me... this is 2 many steps 4 me personally
chapstick never works on my lips only makes them dry and irritated blistex silk and shine works wonders!
Chapstick always makes my lips greasy, wont the lipstick slide off?

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