Caring For Your Skin In Spring
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Spring Skin Care Tips

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Spring brings fresh flowers and new birth. Give you skin this same feeling by shedding those winter time blues. Begin your spring and head into summer with a fresh, revived look. You can begin this process by carefully caring for your neglected skin. During the winter months your skin is exposed to cold temperatures and dry air. Revive your skin in the spring by following a few maintenance tips to bring new life to your tired, dried out skin.

Start at the top by caring for your face. Use an exfoliant to shed those dead cells and remove dry skin. You can also use face masks to help add moisture back into your face and leave your skin with a beautiful glow.

Your hands may have taken the worst beating during those harsh winter months. Start with a hand wax that will shed the dead cells and reveal the beautiful skin below. Use a night time hand lotion and gloves to help restore the moisture to your hands. This can even be done with Vaseline and a pair of socks if you don't have a hand rejuvenating glove set. Next you will want to work on your nails. Add a cuticle oil to freshen up your nail beds from the dry winter months. Finally add a pastel color to your nails for a fresh spring look.

The final step to revive your skin to look as fresh as spring is to use an all over moisturizer for your skin. This will allow your new skin to glow and the dead cells will naturally shed off. It is best to use a high quality moisturizer or for those with really dry skin try a cream rather than lotion that will be absorbed better into the skin. Revive your skin with these maintenance tips and your will look as fresh as a spring flower.

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