Five Steps to an At Home Pedicure
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At Home Pedicure

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Salon pedicures are simply expensive. Costing anywhere from $35.00 to $55.00 every two weeks, the luxury of beautiful toes can quickly leave your wallet worse for the wear. Creating a professional, at home pedicure experience is an inexpensive way to show off those toes all summer long, without spending hundreds of dollars.

There are 5 steps to a pedicure and each of these steps are easy to prepare and accomplish at home. The five steps are soaking, exfoliating, moisturizing, preparation, and polishing.


Pedicures consist of two soaks. The initial soak consists of warm water and moisturizing beads. At home you can use the same beads you would place in a bath tub to moisturize the skin. This soak should last 20 minutes. The second soak is an exfoliating foot soak. Replace the now cold water with fresh warm water and sea salt. Soak the feet for another 20 minutes.


With a pumice stone, remove the dead skin cells from the two trouble areas of the foot, the heel and the ball. When performing an at home pedicure, pay special attention to these areas, fore they are most affected by the drying process and will collect dead skin cells more quickly than other areas of the foot.


When moisturizing the feet, normal hand and skin lotion does not contain enough moisture for the skin of the foot. After exfoliating the feet, apply a moisturizer that is thick. A cream is the best choice for this step in the at home pedicure.


The final stages of the at home pedicure include preparation and polishing of the toe nail. Preparing the toe nail involves cleaning under the nail and clipping and filing the end of the nail. When filing the nail, make sure to use smooth, even strokes to prevent the nail from cracking and splitting.


The key to success with at home pedicures is the final step; polishing. Polishing the nail consists of three steps. The first step is applying the base coat. The base coat polish will be absorbed by the nail and fill in any cracks and splits. After allowing the base coat polish to dry for 20 minutes. Apply the color that best matches your skin tone. Again, allow the color to dry for 20 minutes. Finally, apply the final clear coat to protect the color. The final clear coat can be applied every two days to keep the color smooth and vibrant until your next at home pedicure.

soooo cool steps ... um goin 2 try it an then come again and tell u the result ..

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