Summer is Here and The Sunscreen is Out!
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With the summer months on our tails, it is important to revisit the necessity of sunscreen. Sunscreen not only helps keep the suns rays from damaging the skin, it helps to prevent aging. The aging and wrinkles we see on our faces and other skin of the body later in life is often caused by the sun's effect on the skin during the childhood years. The earlier we begin to use sunscreen, the younger our skin will look for a much longer time.

Today, with the advent of beauty products containing sunscreen, it is easier than ever to include sunscreen in the daily skin regimes we use. Foundations, facial lotions and even makeup products are including sunscreen as a part of the ingredients to ensure that everyone has the chance to use a sunscreen on the most delicate of skin surfaces.

Remember when choosing sunscreen that the lotion or product needs to contain sunscreen effective against both UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Both of these rays cause damage to the skin and need to be blocked daily. While on vacation and with long periods of direct sun contact, a sunscreen with an SPF of 50 is great to use and provides the ultimate of protection.

When applying sunscreen, make sure to reapply after prolonged exposure to the water. Water can rinse off sunscreen very quickly. Reapplying is needed to keep the sun protection offered by the sunscreen. A waterproof sunscreen can help to keep the sun's rays from harming the skin while in the water 4/13/2008


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