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Better than Botox

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Celebrities like Priscilla Presley have put cosmetic surgery treatments like Botox on the chopping block lately. This has raised the questions as to whether cosmetic injections safe. We have all heard of the Botox parties but are celebrities taking things too far?

Botox which is a toxin related to the same toxin which causes food poisoning was approved by the FDA for use as a cosmetic injection in 2002. Since it's approval by the FDA in cosmetic procedures to reduce the effects of aging, Botox has become a common cosmetic practice. The injections have an anti-aging cosmetic effect for up to 120 days. Then the procedure must be repeated. Since Botox's approval by the FDA in 2002 Celebrity A-Lister's have been using and having Botox parties to keep them looking young and beautiful.

Celebrity A-Lister's have been taking cosmetic injections a step farther by acquiring the unskillful hands of Dr. Daniel Serrano. Dr. Serrano was not a licensed doctor in the United States. He was scamming A-list celebrities to use his services saying he was using a new better than Botox injection. These celebrities new the injections were not approved for use in the U.S but went ahead with his services any way. Dr. Serrano was actually using low grade silicone to inject into these celebrities.

So as for the question as to whether cosmetic injections are safe, the answer is there is always a risk with plastic surgery that you may not like the results. Cosmetic injections are relatively safe as long as you use a licensed cosmetic surgeon to perform the procedures.

rituparna roy05-15-2009

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