The Secret to Stopping Facial Puffiness
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Stop Facial Puffiness

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There is nothing worse than waking up and having a puffy, swollen face to contend with. While ice packs and cool clothes may ease the puffiness for a short period of time, why treat the puffiness when you can end it all together. Cucumbers are a puffy face's worst enemy.

Cucumbers have been used for ages as a natural, homeopathic remedy to swollen and puffy eyes. These vegetable dreams, offer anti-inflammatory properties for the face. But, many people have no idea that these little wonders can also stop puffiness on the entire face.

In order to stop that facial puffiness, simply puree a cucumber into a smooth, watery paste. Lay back and cover your face with the cucumber paste. Relax for 10 to 15 minutes while the cucumber cools and soothes the face. During the rest, the anti-inflammatory properties of the cucumber will calm the swelling and return your once puffy face to normal.

If the face is extremely swollen, try sticking the cucmber in the freezer for 10 minutes before pureeing into the paste. The added coolness will act as a liquid ice pack, easing the added swelling.

Cucumbers are not just for the eyes anymore. A puree of this wonder vegetable is the perfect secret to never leaving the house with a puffy face again. Just in case, make sure you leave enough cucumbers to slice and cover those eyes.

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