Choosing a Foundation
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Choosing a Foundation

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Foundation....we have all seen the horrid red, orange or brown foundation line down the side of the face, disappearing under the chin. At times, the line is so recognizable, you are unsure whether the wearing party actually meant for it to be there. This line does not have to happen to you. Finding the perfect foundation for your skin, color, and weather conditions, is a process that does not have to be overwhelming.

The daily condition of your skin, before showering or applying moisturizer, will tell you the type of facial skin you have. Some women experience oily patches here and there, while other tend to find their facial skin, dry and flaky. Foundations are made for every kind of skin, but you truly need to diagnose your skin first. Just because your skin appears oily on a hot summer day, does not mean you have oily skin. That is why is is truly important to look closely at your skin immediately after waking. If at that time you find oily patches or flaky sections, purchase a foundation geared toward that type of skin.

Your skin color will also determine which foundations are right for you. In the past, women have only had three choices for foundation colors, light, medium and dark. Well ladies, those times are over. Now there are shades and sub shades from stark to dark, you can be sure you will find the perfect match for your tone. For those who feel overwhelmed with choosing a foundation color, try the revolutionary shade matching foundations now available. All you need to do is buy the general shade, and the foundation changes color to match your skin.

Skin condition and color are the top two considerations for choosing the perfect foundation, but we can not forget the condition of your air. The city, town or region where your home is located will affect your skin and thus your foundation choice. Areas with high humidity may cause abnormal oiliness, while areas of extreme dryness, may change a normally oily skin to dust, in no time at all. In these extreme situations, it is important for a woman to alter her foundation choices based upon both skin and air conditions.

Your foundation color choice will not remain the same all year long. During the summer months, when your tan is golden and bronze, you may need a darker shade. But, when winter hits and you spend less time out of doors, your skin color will fade and so should your foundation. Changing your foundation with the seasons, helps to keep your makeup from appearing too dark or too light as your skin color changes.

Choosing the perfect foundation to match every aspect of your skin does not have to be a daunting task. That ring around the face syndrome that drove you to tears, does not have to be you. Taking a careful look at your skin condition and color, as well as, the affect of your air on your skin, will help you to make the best foundation choice for the skin you live in.


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