Enhancing Hair Color Naturally
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Enhance Hair Color Naturally

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Enhancing hair color is a multi-million dollar market. The shelves are full of dyes and shine producers that promise to leave hair looking bright and beautiful. These products only last a short period of time and most can only be applied once every 4 to 6 weeks. For natural hair color enhancement that can be reapplied weekly, all you need are a few of natures best herbs and vegetables.

For brown hair, rosemary will do the trick. Steeping crushed rosemary in water for 5 minutes and using the water as a hair rinse after washing and shampooing hair will bring new life to brown hair. Make sure after rinsing with the rosemary rinse, to run coll water through the hair.

For blond hair, chamomile is the herb of choice. Chamomile is available as an ingredient in many over the counter shampoos and conditioners marketed for blond hair. Steeping crushed chamomile in the same fashion as the rosemary will brighten those golden locks for days to come.

For red hair, depending on the shade, there are two vegetables that can refresh your hair and give that color a lift. For blonder redheads, try steeping carrots and for darker redheads, beets.

These color enhancing hair rinses can be used weekly without any buildup or negative effects on the hair. When using the rinse, make sure not to apply in the shower or bath. The color may stain the shower stall or bath tub.

While these natural methods of enhancing hair color may seem a bit off, they work. Natural options are always the healthiest way to enhance our natural beauty. Next time your hair color needs enhancing, leave the chemical products on the shelf and shop the produce section for beauty.


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