Tips for Sunless Tanning Your Face
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Sunless Tanning Your Face

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Sunless tanning products are wonders for the body. No longer is hours in the sun, drying the skin and causing faster aging required to keep a bronze tan all year round. But, what about the face. Facial sunless tanning products tend to cost much more than traditional tanning products. The face needs a bit of a tan just as much as the body and with a few tips you can use your every day sunless tanning products as a part of your daily skin regime.

All over sunless tanning products have been created for use on the body. While the face is a part of the body, sunless tanning lotions tend to darken the face faster and leave an orange glow in some cases. In order to prevent that glow and reduce the over darkening, all you need to do is follow one simply trick.

When performing your normal morning skin care regime, try adding just a dot of your favorite sunless tanning lotion to your facial moisturizer. Apply the moisturizer just as you would without the sunless tanning lotion added. Gradually over a period of days, you will notice the skin on your face getting just a bit warmer. No orange color, no over tanning. Just perfect warm color where you need it the most.

When the color of your face has reached the tone you are aiming for, only use the sunless tanning lotion with your moisturizer once every other day. This will maintain the color and keep you looking warm all year round.

APPLICATION TIP: Make sure you apply the moisturizer to the neck as well as the face. Try to include the ears as well.

Having a warm visage for the entire year is one way to stand out and look your best with every step you take. Sunless tanning products are a safe and healthy way to keep skin toned and tanned. Your face needs just a little extra care and this special tip to glow for all seasons.

Erin Garofalo03-29-2009
I thought the article was informative, but they should suggest certain brands of moisturizer & sunless tanning lotions.

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