Makeup Trends for 2012 - Matching Makeup to Fashion
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2012 Makeup Trends

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There is more to beauty than just having healthy skin or wearing the nicest, designer clothes. If you want to look your best, it is important that your makeup matches the fashion and style that you are trying accomplish. It is also important to understand that makeup is not just something for women to wear. Men can benefit from wearing light coats of makeup to give their skin a smoother appearance.

A common misconception among those who are new to making themselves look beautiful is that makeup has to stand out: This is not the case. The best makeup jobs are the ones that succeed at making you look beautiful without appearing like makeup is obviously being worn. Artistic makeup – including bright eye shadows, dark, rich and obvious mascaras – all can have their place in the grand scheme of day to day life. Because of the variances in how makeup can be worn, it is strongly recommended that both styles are learned. By mastering the application of casual makeup versus professionally-suitable makeup, it is possible to ensure that your makeup matches your fashion.

When you are selecting your makeup, consider the clothes you wear and your natural coloration. Beauty involves many things, but having a sense for colors and complexion can really help ensure that your appearance is as good looking as possible. If you’re wearing bright clothes, consider makeup that enhances and matches your clothing. However, if you’re going into a professional venue, tone down your makeup so that it is more neutral. This will allow your bright colors to make a statement without crossing the lines of looking extreme. The reverse can also be applied. If you’re wearing very neutral colors, pick subtle -- but brighter – colors for your makeup to add a little color and bring out the natural beauty in your face and eyes. This can look very professional, so long as the makeup is applied in moderation.

The key to a successful beauty style is moderation. Moderating how colourful, how bright and how brilliant you go with your makeup for the circumstances will let you control exactly how others perceive your physical appearance. For both women and men, makeup should be used as a way to enhance your clothes and general appearance. Slapping on makeup for the sake of wearing makeup can do as much damage to your appearance as not wearing any at all. Always be aware of the makeup worn.

If you are not used to wearing makeup, pick brands of makeups that use fewer chemicals and carcinogens. This will ensure that your skin retains its healthy appearance. Always wash up makeup after use. Leaving makeup on can clog pores and give your face and skin an unhealthy appearance.

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