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There seem to be so many rules anymore about eye shadow. Is it okay for my eye shadow to match my clothing? Am I limited to one shade of shadow? Do you have to stick to eye shadows that are sold in trios? What is best, pressed powder shadows, loose powder shadows, cream shadows, etc??

Make this process easier by looking at a color wheel. Its simple find your eye color (blue, brown, green, hazel, etc) and find the color across from it on the color wheel. That will be your best color for making your eye color stand out. You can always go with colors that are on either side of your primary suggested shade.

No one wants to wear the exact same shade everyday! As for matching your clothes, it's whatever you feel like. There is no reason that you can't have similar shades on your eyes as well as your clothing. It is also not necessary to always match your shadow with your shirt exactly. Eye shadow is fun! Here are some color suggestions that you can play around with!

Blue Eyes - Browns, Golds, Maroons, Light Pinks, Tans and Peachy Oranges!
Green Eyes - Purples, Maroons, Pinks and Some shades of blue, just make sure they don't have a green hue!
Brown Eyes - Blues, Greens, Purples and Golds!
Hazel Eyes - Purples, Maroons, Pinks and Blues!

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