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Smokey Eye Tips

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Whether you’re getting ready for work, a lunch date, or even an evening out, eye make-up is one step in our primping process that can be tricky. Should I choose one shade or two, light or dark, and sometimes we are left wondering “Does it look like I have a black eye?” The smoky eye look is becoming very popular and though it used to be used primarily for an evening look, when using the same techniques with lighter shades the smoky eyes are perfect for any occasion!

What You Will Need :
- 3 shades of shadow: light, medium, and dark
- Eye Shadow applicator
- Dark eyeliner, preferably in a liquid form
- Thickening/lengthening mascara

Begin with your lightest shade and sweep it below your eyebrow.
Next take your medium shade and apply it to the inner corner of your eyelid (do not go higher than the crease).

Now take your darkest shade and begin to apply it on the outer corner of your eye, in the crease area.

The key to this application is to blend the shadows with your eye shadow applicator. Swirl the shadow brush in small, gentle circles to get rid of any lines. Don’t over blend so that you end up with one solid shade of shadow.

Use your liquid eyeliner and apply a thin line in the corner, getting gradually thicker toward the center of the iris, and again slightly thinner toward the outer corner. (You can also just apply the eye liner to the top lid, if you have smaller eyes)

Finish this look with your thickening/lengthening mascara!
* Use lighter shades for daytime and darker shades for evening!
* Another trick to make your eyes appear larger is to take a white eyeliner pencil and apply it to your inner eyelid!

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