Just 4 Easy Steps To Summer Super Sexy, Super Simple Nails
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Summer Nail Care Tips

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Ah yes, tis the season where au natural is favoured over almost any other look, and this applies to well....just about everything. Whether it is hair, fashion, or beauty, this summer less is more and the trend is the barer you are, the sexier you will be. And when it comes down to your nails, the story is no different. Oh yes once in a blue while we like the eye popping colors of sexy beachy maniís and pediís, but if you have a full social calendar, regular maintenance may not be doable. If that is the case, forego the jewel tones on your manicure and brush up to a sexy, simple au natural look that will have your main squeeze looking at you differently.

When you arenít seeing the celebs sporting purple or navy nails, you are seeing them sport nails that are sleek, sexy, and natural like we see all over the Saint Tropez beaches when stars take time off. You can too, and it is so easy, and also very good for your nail health.

Tools You Will Need: Strengthening Nail Polish Remover, Moisturizing Hand and Nail Cream, buffer, clear coat nail polish

1. For your first au natural manicure, you want to use strengthening remover to completely remove all nail polish and product that is currently on your nails. Clean them up completely!

2. Because you are going bare, you need to pay extra attention to some of your handís weaker points like fine lines or dry cuticles. Try a moisturizing hand and nail cream all over your hands to reduce that dry hand wrinkling, and strengthen your nails at the same time. This cream will also produce a natural, radiant even skin tone on your nails as well. We all know nothing is prettier than natural!

3. Buff Away! Using a buffer purchased at your local drugstore or cosmetic counter, buff and shape your nails the way you want. Buffed nails are going to give your nails a shine before you even top them up with clear polish, and it keeps them strong and healthy at the same time.

4. Sexy shiny top coat time. Once you have buffed your nails, go ahead and finish off the look with a shiny, clear top coat. You may even want to put two coats on. This look is fairly maintenance free, but if you want to add some sexy shine regularly, a daily whip with the top coat will certainly seal any deal you have your eyes on.

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