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Celebrity Lip Color Secrets

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Lipstick is one of the most intimate and difficult pieces of a makeup collection. The hours spent choosing just the right shade sure to match the skin tone, foundation tone, powder tone and, of course, those perfect high heels seem lost after the first drink. Keeping lipstick in place, no matter what the commercials tell you, is a nearly impossible task. But, celebrities and models seem to drink, eat, and even kiss without losing those perfect lips. The perfection is not in the lipstick, it is in the liner.

When purchasing that perfect shade of lipstick, add one more criteria to your long list of must haves. That criteria is a perfectly matching lip liner. The lip liner is one of the most important tools for long lasting lips. With the matching lip liner in hand, no drink, food, or even kiss will take away that perfect color.

The key to lip liner is to apply all over the lip and not just on the lip line. While it is important to line the lip with a lip liner that matches your lip color, the lip liner used to achieve long lasting color needs to match the lip stick you will be wearing. Simply apply your makeup to the point of lip painting and line your lips with the matching liner, as usual. Next, fill in the meat of the lips with the lipstick matching lip liner before applying your coat of lipstick. Now, even if you loose that coat of color perfection, you will have a backup coat sure to withstand all you can through at it.

Celebrities may have famous makeup artists to ensure every line, puff and color is in just the right place. But, you do not need a makeup artist to have long lasting lip color. Lip liners are great for defining lips and for creating the illusion of lipstick that never fades.

cool, i will try this method, i hope it works!!

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