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Fake Eyelash Trends

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Extending eyelashes as a beauty routine is not exactly a concept pioneered by the Kardashian girls. No, women since the beginning of time have been wanting to make their eyes pop in any way possible. The two most common ways to do so are fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions, or good old fashioned mascara. Back in the 50ís and 60ís fake eyelashes were the norm, and just a part of going out for the night. A beauty trend erupted with faces like Farrah Fawcett and Cindy Crawford that led to a more natural look. But that doesnít mean big bold lashes have gone by the wayside, what is the trend today?

Women like to extend their eyelashes because it adds to a womanís feminine appeal, which aids in the courting process. We use a wide range of extending them, and Hollywood and the community of fashion icons seems to be the place to be in terms of trendsetting.
Hollywood starlet Kim Kardashian, for example, is famous for her fake eyelashes, and she makes no bones about them. When you have them applied, or you master the art of application yourself, the end result is a very stunning doe-eyed look. Kim proves that fake eyelashes certainly make the work worth it, and if you like to go glam, fake eyelashes will certainly make the point well for you.

The runway on the other hand will be the other place to look if you are seeking current beauty trends. Anna Sui passed on the fakes and had her girls embrace a doll-like face framing lash with a volumizing mascara. The end result very pretty with the desired effect. Valentino on the other hand went without mascara or fakes at all, and use black makeup in bold horizontal lines across the eye to achieve the same effect.

So again, whether you are looking to be inspired by the starlets or the runway, the bottom line is that it will always come down to personal choice. And as far as eyelashes are concerned, there is no choice that is more hot right now than what you love best on you.

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