2 Steps to An Instant Shimmery Glow This Summer
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Summer Skin Care Tips

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Oh yes, we are always trying to find ways to get a little more color, and this is the time of year when we start to think about it. The bare skinned season is fast encroaching, and so the need to create different glamorous looks is stronger now more than any other season. Everyone is out and wanting to be seen. When it comes to spring and summer beauty, we have a tendency to lighten the makeup bag while still maximizing the healthy glow on our face. And of course if we want to avoid the damaging effects of UV rays and their aging effects, and generally use a myriad of sunless products to create that color. But sunless tanners don’t always look so great on everyone. For today’s Hollywood starlets, the new look for color on the face in this season is bright, rosy cheeks. This is a very pretty, very fresh look that gives you that glowing ‘I just flirted with my crush’ flush if you manage it just right. How can you get some spring like cheeks without dipping into the orange bases?
What you Need – Tinted Moisturizer; blush brush, and pink colored powder blush.

Beauty Tips – When you are choosing your supplies, you want to stay away from the crème blushes for this one as they tend to melt once the temperatures go up. Go with pink, and look for one that complements your skin tone, there are pinks for every skin type.

Step 1 – Moisturize. Use your tinted moisturizer to add the first layer of glow to your face. This is a very subtle way to add some sheen without going overboard. When you are moisturizing, be sure to add a little drop to each cheekbone and blend from there in circular movements moving outwards. This will concentrate the sheen in that area, and add a little rosy to your cheeks.

Step 2 – Blush Away. Forget the smiling trick, that’s never worked, right? You just need to extend this trick a bit, that’s all. To find the right place on your cheek to apply the blush, you want to smile, and look upwards, think ceiling. This is going to locate the exact apple of your cheeks which is where you want to apply the blush. Tap the brush into your blush, and don’t put too much product on. Apply your blush in a circular motion with the blush blush, swirling it into the apples of your cheeks. Concentrate on the area where you previously moisturized, and you will find the end result a very pretty rosy cheek. The look you want may need some practice, but that’s half the fun, isn’t it?

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