2 Easy Steps to Master This Season’s Cool Blues
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We saw through this year’s award season that the makeup artists have been playing around with the eye liner colors lately. As we saw on the looks of Sandra Bullock to Jennifer Lopez, it is pretty amazing the different effects you can have with your eyes when you mix and match different colors, accents, and hues. The difference between wet and dry eyeliners for example can take a look from day to night so FAST and so dramatically. And this year’s red carpet showed that for some reason, the color to have this year is blue. Nothing will make the whites of your eyes pop out more than some brilliant shadow, and blue is a beautiful way to go, for both liner and shadow. It’s not that hard to do though, it is all in the touch, and how much you choose to apply, or not to. With just a little bit of practice, you can get this one down.

Tools You Will Need – Eyeshadow Base, Eyeliner Brush, Navy or Indigo Shadow in your color preference

Step 1 – You are going to do your eyeliner LAST, so apply your eye makeup as you accordingly would. If you are trying this look for evening, we would recommend a pretty silvery shadow for your lids, and a more matte tone for day.

Step 2 – This is the finesse part. You are going to be using shadow to line your lids, so how you want to give that a little more staying power is by using an eyeliner brush with a slanted tip. The trick with this one is to wet the tip of the brush before you dip it into the eye shadow. This is going to give you a more defined line when you line your lids, and as well, will somewhat act like a liquid liner giving you a precise, dramatic look. Go ahead and line both upper and lower, or just the lower, depending on how you dramatic you want to go.

Beauty Tip – Wherever you want the LEAST amount of pigment, wiggle the tip of your brush as you move it from the outer to inner corner of your eye. This will still give you some color, but not too over the top.

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