Herbal Facial Saunas to Clean Pores
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Herbal Facial Sauna

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Our faces are made up of hundreds of pores that open with every shower or bath we take. These pores allow dirt and debris to enter the facial skin, leading to blemishes, blackheads and acne. While toners can be used to close these pores and cool the skin, dirt will never be stopped from entering the skin through these little holes. Pores need to be cleaned and refreshed. Spa facial saunas are expensive and time consuming, with natural herbs, a bowl and towel, and a little boiling water, you can open and refresh your pores leading to beautiful skin, without the visit to the spa.

Herbs are natures offerings for our skin. There are many herbs that are beneficial to skin care. Elder blossoms are perfect for fighting skin aging, rosemary softens the skin and cleans the pores, peppermint leaves skin feeling fresh and cool and aloe vera is thought to have skin healing qualities.

To create your own facial sauna at home, simply crush the herb of choice and place in the bottom of a bowl, fill the bowl with boiling water and lower your face to the surface of the water. Make sure not to allow the water to touch your face, a severe burn could occur. Place the towel over the back of your head, covering both you and the bowl. Allow the steam to bathe your face, open you pores and cleanse the skin for 10 minutes.

Allow the water to cool before removing the towel. As the water cools, the pores on the face will slowly close.

Facial saunas can be completed as often as once a week. Try changing the herbs used with each facial sauna in order to treat different symptoms or skin conditions as they arrive. Facial saunas are a refreshing way to clean the pores and skin naturally.


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