3 Steps To This Season’s Hottest Beauty Trend – Retro Eyes
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It seems you can’t go anywhere these days without running into one retro trend or another, and some will stay and go and come back again, while others will just go and stay away as they should. But retro is not just about peace signs and bell bottoms, it came with a look of feathered hair and frosty eyes that just seems to keep coming back, and back, and back. Take one look at any picture of Kate Hudson and you will see what we mean, this girl is one of the most contemporary retro ladies of our time. And with the Academy Awards looming ahead, one trend you will most definitely see on this year’s red carpet will be the retro eye, which is much more difficult to master than you may think. This is another look you want to practice on those Saturday mornings when you have nothing better to do but rehearse how beautiful you are. Keep your makeup wipes handy until you lock this one down, and in just a few minutes you will be as retro as our all star Kate.
You will Need: Light Frosty Blue Shadow, Dark Frosty Blue Shadow, 2 Eyeshadow brushes, Brown Mascara

Step 1 – Use your first brush here. You want to apply the sheer pale hue around your lash lines and over your lid. Star with the lash line, and once your lash line is covered, sweep the rest over your lids and up to your brow.

Step 2 – Your second brush will come in handy, and you will dip this in a smidge of water to start. Just a smidge. To avoid the look that you just got punched in the eye, the key with the darker color is to use it as an eyeliner, not so much a shadow. You also don’t want to go too dark, a shade darker than your lighter frost will be beautiful. Accent with a shadowy eyeliner in a darker color like a dark frosty blue hue.

Step 3 – You don’t want eyes that are too harsh when you are using frosty tones, so use brown mascara as a finishing touch. And even then, barely touch your lashes with the wand. This will keep your look delicate as opposed to disco.

Beauty Tip – This was mentioned in step 2, but worth repeating. When you are rimming your eyes in the darker accent, dip your eye shadow brush in a drip of water before dipping it in the shadow and lining your eyes. This will deepen the color and add staying power to your powder.

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