Top 3 Tricks to Maintain Your Summer Glow in Cold Winter Months
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Summer Glow

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Makeup Tips

When you are stuck with the winter blahs, don’t think you need a beach escape to freshen up your face. This look that today’s glowing starlets are sporting is one that you too can have that will give you an instant glow, without the Hollywood sun. Not only will this glow lift a few years off your face, but it can also lift your spirits when the weather is bringing them down. You will also love the low maintenance aspect of this look. And the best part about this look is that with just a few simple sweeps, you can look refreshed and vibrant in an instant. Try this on a day when you are going for low maintenance or a low-key look. You will look and feel great with so little effort.
• Start with a tinted moisturizer. You don’t want to use sunless tanner in the winter months as then you get the knowing fake tan look, and you don’t want to look like you are trying too hard. A tinted moisturizer keeps your face fresh looking AND smooth and supple without looking too heavy. It’s just the right amount of tint with very little effort.

• Bronzing powder is a great next step, but it is not how much that matters as much as where you sweep it. All you will need is a soft dusting of a light beige bronzing powder along the brow and cheekbones. The key to your product choice is choosing a beige tone with a hint of shimmer for that glow effect. You really want to go beige and NOT bronze or pink as those colors will give you more a flushed ‘after strenuous activity’ kind of glow. When you choose a beige product, the end result will be a look that resembles a soft candlelight glow and is one that is much more gentle and soft for an overall finish.

• Finish with a powdered foundation that is just a smidge darker than your natural skin tone. The beauty behind a powdered foundation is you accomplish two steps in one for an even less made up look. For those days when you really want to go sans makeup but can’t quite push it all the way, this is a very pretty look with minimal effort. Now you have a beautiful glowing face in only minutes.

Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips — Go easy on the forehead and chin, and a smidge heavier on the brow and cheekbones. If you have too much light reflecting product on chin and nose it will end up looking more like perspiration. You also want to avoid this look until you have clear skin, as any shimmer product is going to draw attention to skin irregularities. Sound complicated? Try it on a Saturday morning at home before you show your glowing face to the world, and this will allow you to perfect the right combo without too much glow.

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