Restore Creme Shown to Reverse the Aging Process
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Restore Creme Shown to Reverse the Aging Process

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With the introduction of Cell Essentials’ OPC Factor, an antioxidant rich, isotonic, nutritional supplement that is delivered to the body through the blood stream and Restore Creme, a topical application proven to stem the tide of skin cell deterioration, AlivenLabs hopes to open a completely new market in the growing health, beauty, and fashion industries.

"Until recently nutritional science had yet to come up with a nutritional supplement or topical solution that can actually reverse the aging process but OPC Factor and Restore Creme do reverse the signs of aging," says Stephen von Hagel, AlivenLabs’ co-founder, "and that’s extremely important to those concerned about maintaining a youthful appearance."

To illustrate the oxidative stress free radicals place on cell development and structure, von Hagel points to a photograph of an apple that had been divided into two parts. The left half was left to the elements, the right had been treated with an antioxidant antiaging solution. An hour later, the untreated half had succumbed to the elements and turned brown. The half treated with the antioxidant solution still looked like it was freshly cut.

Showing this picture to test subjects, he had very little difficulty recruiting a number of test groups. "No one, male or female, wants to eventually look like a dry, shriveled up apple," he says.

To date, there are a number of antioxidant antiaging supplements on the market but, according to von Hagel, they all share a common deficiency - absorption. "Antioxidant tablets, pills, and capsules require the body to digest them and because they are accompanied by binders and fillers only 2-20% of the antioxidants they contain ever reach the blood system.

According to von Hagel, antioxidant laden juices are even less effective. "Many new fad antioxidant drinks are hypertonic and, therefore, counterproductive. They are so concentrated that they cause dehydration. Others are hypotonic - the concentration of antioxidants is so diluted that the body’s digestive system simply ignores them.

"OPC Factor is an effervescent, isotonic formula; it has the same pH level as human blood and tears so it is easily and quickly absorbed. The balanced, antioxidant formula comes in a concentrated powder form that when mixed with water dissolves quickly so it is completely absorbed in the blood system in a matter of minutes and continues to work for up to 36 hours," he says. "Restore Creme, a topical byproduct, works even faster because it is immediately absorbed by the skin."

OPC Factor and Restore Creme are currently only available through the manufacturer’s website ( Both antioxidant antiaging products are accompanied by a confidence guarantee.



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