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If you have been noticing that some of your favourite starlets like Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian have had some sharper features this year, it’s not because they’ve had work done. Well, on their eyes anyway. Kim is still protesting a little too much that she has no plastics doc, but that’s a whole other show. No,these ladies have been merely employing the assistance of the hottest beauty artists in Tinseltown that have the insight and know how on this holiday seasons hottest beauty trend, the cat eye. It’s not actually referred to as the cat eye, it is the defined eye, but in order to paint the picture for you, this is the term we are working with. The cat eye is this season’s look that is working very well and in time for a glamorous evening look for the holiday season. It’s gorgeous, defined, and it takes years off in just a few steps. So how do you do it? Just a few simple steps, but be sure to follow the beauty tip that tells you to practice this at home before the big night!

With this look you are seeking more of a tapered effect, giving you bold dramatic eyes without too much of the meow factor. The end result is a ‘subtle simmer’ that starts off thick, and gradually thins into a very pretty look. The trick is both in the technique, and in the product.

Tools You Will Need – liquid liner is going to be your most precise, safest bet here.

Step 1 – You are starting with the liquid liner. The first thing you want to do is draw a thin rim along upper lashlines. Start from the corner of your eye, and move outward from corner to corner.

Step 2 – Line again, but this time start at the halfway point, where your pupil is, and line again out to the corner, extending only slightly beyond your original point.

Step 3 – Here’s the real secret to the look. Line ONLY the bottom corner of each eye. accentuates the outer edge and gives the illusion of an exotic almond shape. If you do it right the outer corners should look like a sideways capital Y.

Beauty Trick – try this at home before the big night. This one takes time, but once you get it, you get it. Keep on hand some Q-Tips and makeup remover. Dip the Q-Tip in your makeup remover and dab on your oops spots. Pat the area with a towel or tissue to wipe off excess remover, and then try try again until you get it. You will.
Never forget when you are going bold on the eye, go neutral everywhere else, you really want them to stand out.

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oh my oh my02-22-2010
the girl in the picture has super pretty eyes :o
love these tips
lovee this! definately gonnna try it!

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