Fake Fab Bone Structure In Two Easy Steps
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This is a look that every woman covets. If you can not be blessed with flawless bone structure, perhaps you could learn a few makeup tricks that will give you the sculpted cheekbone look that starlets like Angela Jolie have. You can do it, and the illusion of a bone structure that is prominent and sculpted is very flattering, and slimming at the same time. If you look closely at any picture of Angela Jolie you will see that her beauty is not all about blessed genes, but has a lot to do with the gold standard of a two tone blush routine.

How does she do it? A sweet rosy color on her apples, and a darker shade underneath for contour. This is the look you want. You can apply whatever color you like to your apples, whatever generally works for you, but how do you achieve that oh so sought after contour?

Tools You Will Need – a stiff blush brush, blush powders — one for your normal shade, and one for your contour. If you’ve ever wondered why blushes come in two different shades, THIS is the reason. Buy your blush colors in duo packs, and this takes all of the guesswork out of deciding which shades to use.

Step 1 – the key to this look is in the shade of blush that you choose. You are going to do your contour first because it is easier to correct the contour with your other blush application if it doesn’t work out perfectly. Choose a shade that is approximately one shade darker than your skin tone, not much darker than that. And the stiff brush will really help you with your precision, so try not to use a brush that is too ‘fluffy’. Using your stiff brush, sweep the powder underneath the raised line of your cheekbones. This will add contour to your face, which gives you the sculpted look.

Step 2 – Here you work with your standard blush color. And follow the old standby trick. Smile, and put that pretty fresh color right on the apples of your cheeks.

Beauty Trick — As we had in step 2, lot of blush tips tell you to smile and apply to the apples of your cheeks. This one is the exact opposite. If you are having problems finding the line to hit with your powder, smile, find those pretty cheek apples, and apply the powder BELOW those areas. Blend a little and play with it to ensure a natural finish. A good crème blush works wonders in this case as well as it allows for more precision.

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