Top 5 Beauty Myths Debunked for Summer
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Summer Beauty Tips

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Spring and Summer beauty regimes can be a little trickier when it comes to rising temperatures, increased humidity, and increased sun exposure, so use this handy guide to weed out the bad information from the good and debunk those top beauty myths right now so you can have a sexy and fun summer.

MYTH 1: Lemon juice on your teeth will give you whiter teeth. Lemons do have known lightening factors, but this works for your hair, not for your teeth. You may see a little bit of improvement on your teeth, but the citric acid will wear away your enamel, and that is NOT pretty. Instead, go for a little water and baking soda a few times a week to get those Britney whites.

MYTH2: Fake nails ruin your real nails. In the summer, you want to have pretty nails all the time for all of those extra socials and events you have to look forward to. Artificial nails are the easiest way to do this, but many women shy away from them thinking they destroy nail beds. This is simply not the case, the damage that comes from artificial nails comes when you remove them improperly. If you maintain your nails, and your manicurist removes them with the right solutions, you wonít see any damage at all.

MYTH3: Frequent haircuts are required if you want longer hair. This is just ridiculous. Your hair grows at the same speed regardless if your ends are trimmed. Hair grows from the roots, the top of your head, not from the bottom. Having healthy ends looks prettier no doubt, but it isnít going to speed up the growing process any.

MYTH 4: Petite girls and small girls should stay away from lingerie and bikinis. This is one of the most laughable myths of all, conjured up by large chested women that are jealous of tiny frames. If you have a frame that may not fill out sexy lingerie or bikinis, then you are simply looking at the wrong cuts. This is what underwire is for honey, so enjoy it! Water bras, underbras, and high cut briefs or bottoms that elongate your legs will go a long way here. Youíve got a gorgeous little figure that many women would kill for, show it off!

MYTH 5: Chlorine turns your hair green. FALSE. It is actually the element of copper that turns your hair green. If a pool has not been maintained properly or cleaned on a regular basis, a copper residue will form that may tint your hair a little green. Even further, this happens most frequently on blonde shades because of their lighter pigment. If you arenít sure about the cleaning habits of a pool you frequent, all you need to do is use a low pH shampoo that will combat the elemental effects of any copper residue found in the pool.

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nicee advice :)
This Was A Very Helpful Article Especially About The Lemon Juice On Your Teeth,Fake Nails,And The Frequent Haircuts

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