Top 2 Beauty Tips for Your Face This Summer
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Summer Beauty Tips

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Beauty tips seem to be one of those unlimited resources that you can never get enough of. Who doesnít want to know the latest celebrity beauty secret, or that little extra tip that you can take into your every day to make your beauty routine THAT much easier. And there is no better season than the hot summer months to learn as many of these beauty tips as you can, as sometimes those tips may be all the difference between a great look, and a fantastic look. And, as the temperatures rise, one tends to want to wear less makeup and simplify their every day life. You can do so and still maintain a beauty routine that keeps yoru look simple, healthy looking and fresh with a few simple tweaks to your routine. Here you can find some easy quick fixes and celebrity must-haves to amp up your beauty routine, solve some of your every day beauty problems, and give you the top two tricks of the trade to beautify your summer all hot season long.

1. Dealing with under the eye circles. This is one beauty problem that never seems to be short on tricks and tips, and the secret to this is that not every trick usually works for everybody. The reason for that is that very often dark circles are a genetic cause, and so how every person reacts to lightening or concealing will differ. But in the summer, some nights tend to be longer, and mornings rise earlier, and so even the most beautiful and refreshed face can get a little smoky in places you donít want it to be. Believe it or not, top celebrity stylists this season are treating their long hours of hard working clients with the simple potato trick. Potatoes contain a skin enzyme that naturally lightens, and so placing a thin slice of potato on each eye for about 15 minutes in the morning will be all you need for a little bit of under the eye lightening.

2. Apply Face Tanner Like a Pro. Youíve all seen that girl, that girl that uses sunless tanner for her face, and does so poorly. There is nothing prettier than a sunny healthy looking glow with a tanned face during the summer months, but we know that though it looks healthy, it is anything but. Suns rays damage your skin, age your skin and highlight your fine lines and wrinkles, and increase your risk of skin cancer. So to avoid this, achieve a healthy glow with the hottest products in sunless tanner. But apply this incorrectly, and you will become the zebra girl that everybody snickers about behind your back. To apply face tanner flawlessly, you donít want any more than half a dime sized dallop. Start with a small amount and apply it to the back of your hand. Dip a makeup sponge in this tanner and dot it onto your cheeks, forehead, and nose. You will then use the sponge to blend towards your jaw and hairline. After you have blended, wash your hand immediately so that you donít get a stain. And yes, applying face tanner is the same as applying foundation. Start light and work your way to your desired shade, and you want to apply it like makeup, since this is exactly how you want to wear your look as well.

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My mother used to put it on our bumps after a falling; this home remedy worked better than anything by helping the swelling go down in literally a couple hours.

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