4 Steps to Creating a No Makeup Look
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If you take a look at today’s runways, then you will see how the natural look is very big right now. And as we move into warmer temperatures and brighter seasons, you want to focus on a makeup look that is both easy and natural. Take it from women like Jennifer Aniston who seem to have mastered that no makeup look that gives them that sexy girl next door appeal and still makes her look uber sexy. And the best part of having a natural look is that not only does it look fantastic, but it is super easy to accomplish as well. Follow these four simple steps to create a beauty routine that is easy and fast, and results in a clean fresh face that will make people smile time and time again.

Step 1 – Cleanse cleanse cleanse. No matter what look you are going for, any beauty look requires a clean and fresh face that is properly cleansed and moisturized. You want your no makeup look to last all day long, and a properly cleansed face will do just that. Moisturizer also helps to even our your makeup as you apply, and is a wonderful way to soften those fine lines before you put on your makeup.

Step 2 – Go easy on the foundation. Many women make the mistake of piling on the foundation to cover up any rough spots, but top celebrity makeup artists only use foundation where it is needed. Use the right color that matches your skin tone, and dab it onto your problem areas such as your dark circles, crows feet, or any small blemishes. If you are confused about color choice for foundation, always go lighter than your skin tone, as shades darker than your skin tone are going to create that pancake face that nobody likes.

Step 3 – Go neutral on the eyes. For a no makeup look, you have to look like you aren’t wearing makeup, so you want to choose neutral shades that blend with your skin tone but complement your features. Neutral eye tones are key here, and you want your lighter shades closer to your brow bones, and your highlighting shades on the creases of your eye. In fact, a simple light shade to your brow is all you really need for a no makeup day look, and you can add your highlighting shade in your creases before you go out at night. For shades you want to think coffee tones, light browns, and some shimmery beige’s are very pretty by day as well.

Step 4 – One coat of mascara will do. The final touch on your no makeup look will be some mascara. There are women that can go without mascara and still look fabulously undone, but most women prefer a little definition here and there is nothing wrong with that. For day looks that carry that no makeup appeal, one coat is all you need to do the trick of defining your eyes but minimizing the product. You also want to choose colors that aren’t black, as this color is a little too dramatic for a no makeup look. Some soft browns will go a long way here, and brown mascara has a way of adding intensity to any skin tone, without looking like you went overboard.

The key to establishing a no makeup look is to use products that are neutral in color and complement your skin tones. Light hands are going to work better for you here as well. Finish your no makeup look off with a dusting of sheer or translucent powder, and you are ready for the day!

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i do this anyway, but sometimes i dont bother with foundation because i think my face looks fresher without it.
Maybe this comment will be the kiss of death for the natural look, but I have followed this routine all my life--have great skin, getting a little wrinkled; but not bad for a 72 year old.

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