6 Health Tips No Woman Can Live Without
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Health Tips for women

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The weather is breaking and summer has begun. Why not give yourself a little attention. No, this is not about a new hairstyle or wardrobe, even though spring is the perfect time for those as well. This is about taking note of your body and keeping it healthy by spring cleaning your health records.

The Mammogram

Women hate it, but the mammogram is the number one way to detect breast cancer early. Any woman over the age of 40 should be getting an annual mammogram like clockwork. What better time than spring?

The Pelvic Exam

Along with the mammogram, the pelvic exam needs to be completed at least once a year too. Might as well schedule both in the same day and then take the next day off to eat Bon Bons and look back on the good old days.

The Annual Exam

Doctors, doctors, doctors – It seems we are never done going to doctors, but as long as the appointments are preventative, that is a great thing. The annual exam is the time of year when blood work is used to determine the overall health of the body. Even if you have put on a few pounds this winter, the blood work will not mind. Cholesterol, total blood count and insulin / blood glucose levels will often be taken during an annual physical.

Eye Spy Another Visit

Yes, your eyes may be perfect, but let the doctor decide that, okay. An annual eye exam is about more than just needing glasses, it is the time of year when the doctor can detect glaucoma early if trouble exists. Spring is also the time of year when allergies come back and the eyes are often affected. Going to the eye doctor before you are affected by pollen gives the doctor a baseline look at the eye before it is affected.

Say Cheese for the Dentist

Did you know that bad teeth can lead to heart problems? There have been studies linking bad oral hygiene to heart related illness. Getting to the dentist at least once a year gives you a healthier mouth and a healthier heart.

Cleaning Up Your Health Records

After all of those doctor’s visit, I bet you are tired of seeing a medical record, right? Well, one more thing to clean up this spring after the garage is complete are your health records. Personal health records are often outdated when kept at home. Instead of keeping paper files, many people are choosing to go with digital health records. Check online for more information on how to connect any doctor in the world with your personal health records at the touch of a button. No more drug interactions, no more previous history problems, no more waiting for files to be faxed - just instant access for both you and your doctors.

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