9 Steps to a Thinner, Younger Looking Face!
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We’ve all heard about the talent of the big makeup artists that can transform any face into a thing of beauty, and something entirely than what they had to start out with. Face thinning is an art in Hollywood, and everybody is doing it. So remember that the next time you are coveting somebody’s cheekbones, you may be simply better off finding out what blush shade their stylist has used.

The oval face shape is the most revered in terms of bone structure and beauty, so if you want to thin out your face, you will need to use some makeup to give the illusion of an oval frame. The best part of all is that you can do this with a few different shades of foundation, and the perfectly contoured blushline. Not only will your face look thinner and more appealing, but applying foundation properly will also give you a healthy youthful glow you may not have otherwise.

1. Thinning the face involves contouring and highlighting. What you want to highlight or accentuate will be brought forward, what you want to contour, is brought backward or stays in the background. Accentuate the positive, minimize the negative.

2. One shade of foundation should match your skin exactly, your second shade will highlight and this will be one level lighter than the first. Your third shade will be for contouring, and must then be one shade darker than the first.

3. Shape your oval. Your first foundation covers your entire face, and blend blend blend. The width of your oval is the width of your eye sockets, and the height will go from the tip of your forehead to your chin.

4. Your highlight shade then will be applied to the high points inside the oval. Forehead, under the eyes, top of cheekbones, tip of chin. For the fuller faces, this attracts attention to the middle of your face.

5. Your contour shade will go to these areas outside of the oval. Temples, hairline, sides of your cheeks, and down your jawline. This deepens these areas and gives the illusion of them visually receding, making your face appear more narrow. Blend, blend, blend, you don’t want to LOOK like you’ve got 3 shades on.

6. Lighter shades of skin should contour more than they highlight and vice versa.

7. Apply a translucent powder to each area you put foundation for a pretty smooth finish.

8. If you have found that perfect shade of blush, it is time to make those cheekbones stand out. Dab a bit to the apples of your cheeks and sweep it along your cheek line.

The end result? A thinner, more youthful looking face!

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David Cobb10-26-2010
I agree with the post above and I will find more information from google.

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