Makeup Tips for When You Are Working Out
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Exercising Makeup Tips

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Itís that time of year again, when the temperatures start to climb, and the gym equipment gets thrown into overdrive as fitness centers become clogged with those working to get ready for bikini weather. Or perhaps you are one of those girls that has been waiting months for these pretty temperatures so that you can take your workout routine, and your beautiful face, out into the fresh clean air for your bikini bod prep time.

If you are single, looking good while you work out is even more important, and may well be one of the only reasons you are even hitting the gym in the first place. Wherever you choose to work out, you know you donít want to leave the house looking less than glamorous, but at the same time, the concept of mixing sweat with your expensive cosmetic bag goodies doesnít exactly get you excited. So how do you combine the workout face with a pretty face without leaving you looking like you got caught in the rain?

Gone are the days of controversy where wearing makeup when you are exercising is taboo. And there are two schools of thoughts on this. One is that you appear vain and high maintenance when you beautify yourself prior to working out, the other is that makeup and sweat are an unhealthy combination for your delicate skin. So what do you do? First of all, technology HAS made it possible to choose cosmetics that are great for active women, so you no longer need to worry about health risks. So long as you beautify yourself properly from beginning to end, you are good to go. And as far as being seen as high maintenance, do you really care? Would you rather be seen as a woman who didnít care enough about herself to pretty up a bit? No.

It is true that makeup mixed with sweat can attract bacteria that will clog your pores and cause potential blemishes. That being said, you want to be on the cleanse routine from beginning to end. Cleanse your face before you workout and apply a minimal amount of makeup so that you still look fresh and pretty, but not overstyled. Powder foundation and blush is ideal for this, but you want to go light on the blush, if at all, as your cheeks will flush beautifully on their own when working out. Outside of a little mascara, and by that, a little means one coat, then you are good to go.

You can also experiment with some very effective mineral makeups now that are extremely effective in preventing clogged pores and acne. These go on nice and light and are both oil and talc free and thus make an excellent workout partner at the gym. Lipstick and self-tanners are a no-no when you are working out. When it comes to lipstick, come on, you donít really need it. And it WILL make you look high maintenance and like you are just *that* desperate. Self-tanners donít like to mix with sweat, if they did you could get your tan from the sun. And so to avoid some potentially embarrassing streaking or staining of your cute workout outfit, you just want to skip this step all together.

After you workout, cleanse cleanse cleanse with an exfoliant as soon as you can post-workout. Now that you are pretty and fresh and invigorated from that sweat session, go ahead and slap on that lipstick as now is the time to reward yourself!

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