How to Get This Springís Shaped Eyebrows
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how to shape eyebrow

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Ah yes, the elusive eyebrow. This is one part of the beauty routine that is the most forgotten, and easily forgotten as well what with skin care, eye color palettes, and tanning season just around the corner. But many women forego the ever important eyebrow routine because they simply donít understand the basics. True enough, mess up the eyebrows and your entire face can look a little off. But if you can perfect the basic eyebrow routine, then you will have access to a beauty trick that can enhance and frame your entire look beautifully. This seasonís beauty trend were strong shaped eyebrows seen all over the runway. Whether you go for full defined shapes, or thinly arched lines is your choice and preference. But with a few simple tricks, you can take your brows to lengths never imagined.

The first and most important thing you need when shaping your brows is the right set of tweezers. Two sets are ideal, but one is fine. Use long handled tweezers that are sturdy and with a firm grip. Flat edged tweezers will work best on larger clumps of hair and for thinning, whereas angled edges will be more useful for shaping and arching. You can use a flat edge to start off with to clean up your brows, and then use your finer angled tweezers for the shaping and arching you are looking for.

Itís also best to tweeze right after a shower the night before. You donít want to have to fuss with covering up your red and tender brows after tweezing, and if youíve tweezed right, that will be your result. Tweezing the night before will give you a full nights rest to calm down your swollen red brow lines.

Shape is your next concern. The ideal eyebrow will begin above the inside corner of your eye, and end at the outer corner, right above your eyelash. Use an eyebrow pencil from the corner of your right nostril laid diagonally against your eye to find your outer corner for your brow, and a straight line from your nostril to your eye to find where your inner corner should be. Make a small pencil mark.

If you choose to arch your brow, your arch will fall right over the iris, the colored portion of your eye. Use your pencil again to line up the center of your iris with your eyebrow line and make a fine mark there to note the location of your arch. When tweezing your arch, tweeze only one or two hairs at a time over a period of several days. You donít want the mess of hasty plucking which will leave you with a Ďsurprisedí look that may last weeks. Err on the side of caution here until you are happy with the end result. Youíll be glad you did.

If you have gone a little tweezer happy and need to fine tune, this is what eyebrow pencils are for. You can fill in any oops errors with this pencil, or use this to plump up your brows if they fall on the thin side. Either way, do not forego your eyebrows in your beauty routine, as there is no quicker way to give yourself an instant facelift, take years off, and reshape your entire face in line with Springís hottest trends.

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ana marie04-16-2009
well thxs his really helped im going to let them grow out doing the summer and do them good.
Lyn M Neal04-09-2009
Thanks I really like help with my eyebrows.

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