Diet Tips to Get You Through The Holiday Stomach Crunch
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Diet Tips

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One of the reasons we so look forward to the holidays is for the food. Thatís right, letís be honest. When it comes to the holidays, they just wouldnít be the same if we didnít have goodies being forked over to us at every passing. In some cases, those who have been dieting all year look forward to the holidays for that very reason. The season of good cheer just seems to bring out the eater in all of us, and this same season seems to make it Ďokí to overindulge. Donít give in to the overindulge urge this season. Instead, use these very easy diet tips that will get you through the holiday crunch without sacrificing your love for holiday goodies.

Your first tip is to develop a strategy. It sounds a little too type A, but if you donít have a plan going in, you will fail. Know going into that family dinner or office party what your plan is. Are you going to splurge food wise today, and make up for it tomorrow? Are you going to nibble on snacks, and eat a meal when you get home? What is your plan? Consider your appetite to be akin to an expense account. You know how much you have to spend, and you only need to decide how to disperse those Ďcalorie dollarsí amongst drinks, appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Budget accordingly. You will not overeat if you have a plan, so make one, and yes dear, stick to it.

Your first tip is to eat before you go out. Have a full tummy so that you will feel less inclined to indulge at the festive event. Eat high fiber foods or whole grain foods that will fill you up and wonít leave you craving later.

Your next tip is to hold back on the fat. This means all of the extras like gravy, sauces, dressings, butter, cheese, nuts, and whipped cream. All of these little extras are loaded in fat and will instantly pack on the pounds. Think of your budget again. The more options you add to a car, the more expensive it is. Your budget canít afford the options that come with your meal. Skip these all together.

Next, you want to wear something body hugging. The first reason for this is that you want to show off the body you have been working on all year long. The second reason is that the food you eat will be more likely to show a little bulge when you are wearing a snug dress. At the same time, keep at least one of your hands busy, i.e. with a cocktail. This will prevent you from doing the chat and reach when you are standing next to the appetizer table working up that cutie in accounting. Donít believe it? Try it, works every time.

Lastly, incorporate a little extra exercise into your every day. Chances are that at least one event will cause you to slip up, it happens to the best of us. If you have already incorporated some extra activity into your day to day, those slip ups will hurt less. Take an extra trip Christmas shopping, and just walk around the mall an extra time to burn calories. Even better, park at the back of the lot when getting to work every day. Yes, itís an old standby, but the reason for this? It works.

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