How to Get Luminous Skin Like Jennifer Garner
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Jennifer Garner Hairstyle

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Jennifer Garner may be a thirty-something working married mom of almost two, but you would never guess by looking at her. Here is a girl that always seems to have a flawless complexion that shows absolutely no sighs of sleep deprivation, or of the standard fine lines you would expect to see on someone here age. And no, her beautiful skin is not due to the glow of pregnancy, as this girl has always had a seemingly perfect visage that is enviable.

There are many secrets to Jenniferís gorgeous skin, and no, it is not with thanks to Botox. You can implement a few easy beauty tricks into your daily routine that, when all else fails, will at least assist you in the look of a flawless complexion if you are not blessed with it naturally.

Three basics are what you need to start off with. Water. Water. Water. This is the biggest asset to your skin, and you should be drinking AT LEAST the standard 8 glasses daily. Hydrated skin stays soft and supple and less prone to the drying out and folding in of wrinkles and fine lines. Water is a primary ingredient in your daily moisturizer, and you already know how important that is for your skin to keep its youthful appearance. Drink water as often as you can, and get into the habit early.

Using a tinted moisturizer on your skin is an additional way you can smooth out fine lines as this will create a seamless more natural finish on your face than standard moisturizer. Following this you want to use a luminizing concealer in the finer crevices of your skin that tend to be more pronounced with age. Or, if you are already in the younger generation, starting now will be a good preventive measure for you. Luminizing concealer reflects light in a way that minimizes fine lines in the laugh lines, crows feet, top of your chin, and on your forehead.

The last step in your beauty routine will be a pink mineral powder to set the concealer and the tinted moisturizer. Mineral powder creates a more natural finish, and the pink tint will result in a healthy dewy effect on your face. With this, you can then go ahead with your normal makeup routine.

At the end of your day, you must ensure you remove your makeup with proper makeup remover product. This is not a step that can be overlooked if you expect to keep a youthful appearance. Clogged pores from makeup left on are the first step towards dried skin which will age you faster than cigarettes or sun damage.

That being said, avoid smoking, stay out of the sun, and once you have removed your makeup, get plenty of sleep. The reason people know you are tired, is because you look tired. And the effects from that simply can not be reversed. Healthy luminous skin like Jennifer Garnerís is the combined result of taking care of yourself, as well as implementing a few beauty tricks.

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I think its wrong to generalize that everyone can wear a pink toned mineral powder- if you have olive or golden tones in your skin stay well clear!
klemfer rasonab10-28-2008
too bad,,,,because that is not natural way of having a beautiful face
Nalan Stulken10-16-2008
A perfect, keep-it-simple list to which I would only want to add: Exfoliate on a regular basis.

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