Beauty Tips for the Working Woman
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Beauty Tips for Working Women

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Working women in today’s society are forced to juggle family and business in the same minute of life. Getting up early in the morning, tending to their own needs while balancing the needs of the children and other family members can cause stress, anxiety and exhaustion. When trying to make the most of your busy schedule, try these working woman beauty tips in order to streamline that beauty regime and keep things rolling every morning of the week.

Setting Your Hair

Many women of today think hair setting is only for the elder generations. On the contrary to those beliefs, hair setting can make the morning beauty regime for the working woman fly by. At night, before bed, twist the hair around a set of twist rollers before the hair is completely dry. Make sure to add a little holding product to the hair before the twist. When morning rolls around, the twist rollers can be removed from the hair and half the mornings duties will be complete in a matter of seconds.

Combination Makeups

When choosing a foundation or a facial lotion try to find combination products whenever possible. There are several brand names in foundations available today that need no setting powder in order to dry to a shineless finish. If moisture is your problem, try mixing a bit of your facial foundation with Oil of Olay or some other facial moisturizer in a travel container. This way, you can apply your foundation and facial moisturizer in one easy step.

Prepare the Night Before

The best way to save time in the morning is to have everything ready the night before. This includes breakfast for the children, lunches and all the makeup and beauty supplies you will need in the morning. Iron all clothes a week in advance and you will be flying through the morning with time to spare for a cup of Joe and a breath or two.

Working women are the cornerstone of the family. Women are often looked upon to care for the children, the home and the rest of the family. When these responsibilities are paired with working outside of the home, life can be busy, busy, busy. These tips will make life a bit less stressful and morning a bit more productive.



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