Try Some Hair Extensions in 2012

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Hair Extensions 2012

Hair Extensions 2012

Dec 27, 2011 by Author:

Why not try hair extensions like Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for a quick change and see how it feels to have hair as long as you have ever dreamed of in just a few hours. Not only does she have her own signature perfume, tanning lotion, slippers and eye lashes, but on January 10th iHip Audio Accessories Announced Partnership with Snooki while she showcased her two signature styles, animal print and bling headphones. This up and coming Fashionista looked glamorous with her new blood red hair extensions. Long hair is very famine and sexy, so why not try out extensions to start off the new 2012 year.

There are many different options when it comes to hair extensions and here are a few of the main things you will want to take in consideration before looking for a local stylist that will help you complete your look. The first thing you will need to think about is how long will you want the extensions to last. If you are just doing them for a specific event then it would be best to try one of the more temporary extensions such as bonded extensions or “clip-in” extensions. Also, if it’s your first time trying them out, you may want to try bonded or “clip-in” extensions as well to be sure you like them and can take care of them before investing in the more expensive technique’s. Second, if you have a sensitive scalp, hair extensions can take a few days to adjust to so you have to be patent with getting use to them. Third, it’s important that you are able to style your own hair with and without the extensions because no matter how great it looks when your stylist does it, the daily upkeep is your responsibility. Forth, some hair textures work better with some technique’s then others so keep that in mind when going to your consultation with your stylist and make sure you ask questions and that you are fully aware how to care for them before you leave the salon. Last but not least, do your research when looking for a experienced stylist to prevent hair damage and follow exactly how to care for them so you don’t damage you hair as well.

Different techniques and pricing: There are allot of different techniques when it comes to applying hair extensions. If you just want to add volume and length, you can use any technique. If you are looking for a completely different look then your natural hair, there are also options for that. Pricing can range from $100 – $1000′s so make the best of them! Have fun with it and see if long haired girls have more fun in 2012!!;)

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