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Short Hairstyles 2012

Short Hairstyles 2012

Dec 27, 2011 by Author:

If you are looking for a new years hair resolution, why not bring out your inner confidence with a pixie haircut like Emma Watson or the mamma bear of reality shows Chris Jenner. Whether your highly active or are just looking for a new trend, in 2012 pixie hairstyles are coming back with a more feminine vibe this year. What’s great about short hair is that the cut is so trendy you can have fun with the look without spending allot of time or money on it.

How to determine if you should go with a pixie cut? One of the sexiest features of a woman with a short hairstyle is a graceful neck and when you have short hair the attention goes toward the neck. There is something very confident and feminine when you can sport a pixie haircut and embrace it! So if you have ever wanted to try it , 2012 is the year! You can have allot of personality with a pixie cut and the way you curl it can make it look like a whole different hairstyle everyday. You can also change the color easier with shorter hair, so whether you have a color in mind that you have been dying to try or if you want to be really bold, ask your professional stylist what they would recommend. A new look is a great way to bring in the new 2012 year!

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Short Haircuts 2012

Short Haircuts 2012

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  1. Carol Jackson says:

    I just went with an extremely short pixey after 48 years with long hair, due to the fact that my hair is very thin. I would not have done so if my hair weren’t so thin. But since I got it cut I went extreme and am loving it! There are indeed many surprising things that can be done with it from soft, fluffy and pretty to spikey & punk. And it looks pretty interesting in gray! I’m planning on keeping it this short, and maybe taking the top a little shorter still at trim time to make it easier to stand up. Now that the tops of my ears show I’m going to get some cartiledge peircings. If you’re going short, do it up right & go extreme!

  2. I like the hair style very much, esp on Emma, actually I always have the long hair, I want to have a try, I mean the amazing short hairstyle. It worths a try.

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