Audrina Patridge Makes Up for Lost Time

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Audrina Patridge Hairstyles

And though she may be a favorite on Dancing With the Stars for never missing a beat, Audrina Patridge from The Hills is just as human as the rest of us apparently and is prone to a late morning or two herself. Here she is seen rushing into the Dancing With the Stars rehearsal studios after running late, but she is certainly doing it fashionably. Arriving on set with supersized shades and squeaky clean hair, Audrina is not going to let a late morning frazzle her, and nor should you. Yes, even you can look this great after some morning rushing, and it’s easier than you think.

To get this look, you want to have a layered cut with long concave layers cut that angle toward your features rather than away from them. Use texturizing shampoo and conditioner to give your hair some bend, and blow dry your hair from roots to ends with a round and soft bristle brush. After your blowdry, you can run some styling pomade through your hair to give it some additional texture and movement. If you have a few extra minutes, you can quickly whip a curling iron to add some fluffy bend, but not too much. To do so, just use a 1 ½ “ curling iron but here you really just want to run the iron through your hair, and not focus too much on curl. Keep the curling on for just a second or two, and create a lovely, soft wave that will last all day. You will then brush these waves out for a soft almost ethereal look, and a sexy but not too fussy side part will add instant vamp appeal to your overall look of casual elegance.

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