Dina Lohan Visits Rehab

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Dina Lohan

To catch you up to speed if you have been missing out on all that is Lindsay Lohan, she’s locked up in a rehab that her lawyer put her in as a bid to get out of jail time for violating probation. So mommy dearest Dina Lohan is spotted her making visits to good ol’ Pickford Lofts with some groceries and art supplies and as we can see, Lindsay’s looks don’t fall far from the tree. Yep, Dina Lohan may annoy the crap out of me, but her hair always looks soooooo good. And lucky for you, this easy breezy carefree style is just as easy to get as it looks. It’s all in the casual here, but casual elegance is the marker of this look.

To get this look, you want to have a layered cut with long concave layers cut that angle toward your features rather than away from them, but not too many layers, like Dina has here. Use texturizing shampoo and conditioner to give your hair some bend, and blow dry your hair from roots to ends with a round and soft bristle brush. After your blowdry, you can run some styling pomade through your hair to give it some additional texture and movement. Then, use a flat iron to put some bend and wave in your hair, but rather than focusing on the straightening, wind sections around your flat iron for just a few seconds to get what they call a “straight wave”. Keep the flat iron on for just a second or two, and create a lovely, soft wave that will last all day. You will then brush these waves out for a soft almost ethereal look, and a sexy but not too fussy side part will add instant vamp appeal to your overall look of casual elegance. Finish the look with some extra hold hairspray or glossing serum, and you will have a hairstyle that will last all day, and all night.

Photograph: ©David Tonnessen, PacificCoastNews.com *

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