Sarah Jessica Parker is Oh So Sexy in the City

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Sex in the City 2 Hairstyles

With the premiere of her flick SATC 2 just days away, Sarah Jessica Parker is in full promo mode, and looking ever so fabulous in the process. Here she was spotted signing autographs from the backseat of a car on the promo circuit after interviewing with “Live with Regis and Kelly”. And as usual, she is pretty in pink, all smiles, with hair that is to die for. And as we know, here is a girl whose hairstyle seems to change with the wind, and they just keep getting better and better. We never really expected her to look prettier, but she is looking about as fabulous as it gets, with gorgeous platinum and butter scotch colored locks that have been styled into long and gorgeous waves. And with her character being the fashionista that she is, Sarah Jessica’s entire style is one that is definitely envied. And she can certainly pull it off. And if you haven’t guessed what the deal is with this hair style, then you may want to put some contemporary back into your locks as this long and loose look is today’s most gorgeous trend. It’s everywhere right now.

To get this look, start off by scrunching some pomade or volumizing mousse into your hair. Blow dry with a round bristle brush, or you can wind sections around your hair if you prefer. This winding effect will make your waves a little more swingy than usual. You can use a curling iron to set stronger waves once you have done this, but instead of clamping the iron onto your hair, wind the hair section around the barrel of the curling iron. This way the ends won’t curl as tight, and they will stick out just enough to give you this pretty tousled look. After you have finished curling, shake your hair out and finger comb it as you go through the day, and you will have long luscious waves lasting all day, and into the night.


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