Heidi Klum Rocks the Pony

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Heidi Klum Hairstyle
Heidi Klum is seen here once again proving just how magnificent she is, and why she is one of the world’s most famous supermodels. The ever so stylish Project Runway host and mom of FOUR bambinos was seen taking some me time after finishing the show, launching two maternity fashion collections, and well, being a mom. So a well deserved break to a massage in Beverly Hills was the only thing on her agenda this week, and even her down time as you can see is done in style. Yes, looking at her here you would never guess that she has to spend a second sweating over every little calorie, as she still manages to look fantastic. For her spa day, Heidi went for a standard look with her hair piled back and little concern for muss and fuss and even so, she still looks fabulous, as she has the designer duds that take all the focus off of her hair. This just goes to show that yes, you can get away with second day hair without drawing too much attention to yourself.

This look is not one that you need to style or maintain, it’s a simple matter of effortlessly pinning your hair back and out of your way when you are ready to engage in your well earned down time. If you are going to be running your errands or catching up on spa time while running to and fro in the elements, you also want to be sure to run some anti humectants through your hair to protect your hair from the sun’s exposure, and to minimize any drying out from outdoor elements. Post you time, you definitely want to lose the second day hair, and wash and go as you normally would for your day. But one thing Heidi IS proving here is that even supermodels can go a little casual now and again and still look fabulous. And you can too!

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