A New Girl to Gossip About?

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Willa Holland
Well well, it does appear there may be a new gossip girl in town, as Willa Holland was seen on the set of Gossip Girl poking her head out of a trailer on set in downtown Manhattan. The former OC actress was seen meeting Upper East Side style standards, and was formerly seen on this show when she played a bad influence on Little J. Is she back to stir up some more trouble? Looks like, and if she is looking this hot, it may well be that she will have no trouble doing so. This casual look with bouncy curly hair is about as in as boyfriend jeans right now, and one that you can take from day to night in a flash.This look is sexy, vampy, and will get you everything you want on any given night on the town.

The secrets here are tons of product, tons of curls, and tons of teasing. Start off with curl enhancing shampoo and conditioner, and use a lightweight curling mousse to lock in some extra curl. Run some styling pomade on your palms, and then run them through your hair from front to back. You will then set your hair in pin curls all over your head. Use a blowdryer on low with a diffuser to dry your locks to 100% dry. This may take some time, but the end result will be well worth it. When your curls are dry, spritz some extra hold hairspray on your curls before you take out the pins. The result will be a voluminous head of wavy bouncy curls. You can brush these out to smooth them out as Willa has here, or tease them whichever way you want for a hairstyle that is voluminous, sexy, and vampy for any night on the town.


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